September 06, 2011

Card of the Day - September 6, 2011

Osho Zen Tarot
6 of Fire - Success

This entire week, I will be removing the Card of the Day from the Osho Zen Tarot deck. I really love these cards. They are philosophical and really make me look at the traditional Rider Waite in a different way. Osho had his own philosophies which are so universal in their appeal. Also, the art work on these cards is beautiful by Ma Deva Padma. The cards make me feel connected to nature, earth and humankind. We are all in this world together to learn from one another and to share our experiences.

The card I have removed today is 'Success' which is traditionally the 6 of Wands. Instead of traditionally riding a horse, the man here is riding a tiger. He is on 'top of the world' right now and celebrating his success with a parade. You have accepted the challenges of your life and are now being rewarded. Welcome it and enjoy it. Do not try and make this successful moment last forever as everything comes and goes, its a cycle. Enjoy it while it lasts and accept the fact that it is not going to last forever. Whether there are ups or downs, remember that 'this too will pass'. Enjoy both ups and downs and don't get too addicted to success. Being down is a relaxation from the peak of excitement. 

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