September 17, 2011

Card of the Day - September 17, 2011

Athena - Inner Wisdom
Goddess Guidance oracle cards

Athena is a very powerful and wise Greek goddess who oversees and protects those who call upon her. She is the daughter of Zeus and her animals are white owls and black pigeons. She is a warrior goddess who battles with wits instead of weapons. You can call her for resolving disputes and for protection. She helps with creative projects such as writing, arts and crafts.

You possess inner wisdom. Such profound knowledge is not understood by common people. People only see what some try to portray. You are a subtle person and very wise from within. Truly wise people know what they are so they do not need to glorify themselves in front of other people's eyes. Inner wisdom comes from patience, intuition, knowledge and experience and not from books or studying. You 'know' what to do. You always will. You do not need anyone else to guide you. You are your own guide. Trust your instincts and your inner wisdom and take any actions that you have been wanting to take for quite sometime now, without delay. 

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