September 14, 2011

Card of the Day - September 14, 2011

Ixchel - Medicine Woman
Goddess Guidance Oracle cards

You are a channel for Divine healing power

Ixchel has been revered since ancient times as the Mayan moon goddess who with her husband, the sun god gave birth to all the other Mayan gods. She is connected to the tides of the water. She is also called 'Lady Rainbow' as her essence is infused in the water-droplet prisms that create rainbows. As a mother goddess, she helps with fertility and childbirth. She is also a powerful healer who remembers the origin of human life upon the planet. She can connect you to your roots as a spiritual healer.

This care means that you are a healer or you are being healed. Honour your healing knowledge and abilities. Learn about healing or teach the healing arts. Start or continue your healing practice. Connect to the power through clarity of your thoughts. Be aware of the power that resides within you. Connect to the bigger source which will amplify your power. 


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