September 10, 2011

Happy International Angel's Day!!

Wish you all a very very Happy Angel's Day!!

Just for today, I will be providing FREE Angel readings for whoever asks for it. Ask and you shall receive. You can drop me a mail on

1.I will suggest a card for your overall healing
2. Tell you which angel is there with you
3. Give angel advice for you

Today, more so than other days, the angels will be with those who really need them and believe in them. Today is also the best day to thank our lovely angels. So, close your eyes and say a little prayer of thanks to your angels. Thank them for being with you in times of need and showing you the way when there was no hope. You can call upon your angels to do anything - solve a problem, heal a situation or any physical problems, to bless you and your loved ones, to protect you from bad vibes, to ensure a safe journey by car or plane, to be there with you during an important interview or to just help you get a good sound sleep. You can call upon the following angels for particular areas in your life.

Archangel Haniel
Michael - intuition and protection
Raphael - Healing
Jophiel - Beauty and love
Gabriel - Communication and writing
Haniel - Mood swings and female problems
Raziel - spiritual wisdom
Sandalphon - Musical talents
Chamuel - Relationships
Jeremiel - Reviewing your life
Uriel - Lights the way
Metatron - Children
Zadkiel - Dreams and emotional healing
Raguel - Harmony and Co operation
Azrael - Mediumship and study
Ariel - Courage and confidence

Call upon these angels for help, and they will always be there for you if you have a clean heart and call them with love. 

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