August 30, 2011

Card of the Day - August 30, 2011

Sometimes the card of the day REALLY fits the day. I can say that about today's card about a hard working day. Not only am I tired cleaning my room today, when I typed the entire post for today, I pressed the cross button by mistake! Here I am typing the whole thing again. :-S

Today's card is the 10 of Wands symbolized by the story of Rumplestiltskin.The 10 of Wands is a card of burden and overwork. Today's story is about a mysterious man with a mysterious name. The card shows a poor miller's daughter stressed out and burdened because she has to spin straw into gold and doesn't know how. Today you will feel like this. Overwhelmed, burdened, stressed and exhausted. When I was a child, I used to love these cartoons on TV called Timeless Tales. They had an episode on this story which I found on Youtube. I will be putting down the links for you to enjoy. :-) The entire story is there in three parts.

Youtube links:
Rumplestilskin Part 1 
Rumplestilskin Part 2
Rumplestilskin Part 3

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