August 21, 2011

Card of the Day - August 21, 2011

Today, the COTD will be from my newest deck, The Fairy Tale Tarot and I will be posting cards from this deck for some days. The cards are extremely beautiful and the stories behind it are very apt. Every card depicts a fairy tale, so there are 78 beautiful fairy-tales depicted in wonderful artwork by Lisa Hunt.

The Card for today is the 10 of Cups which depicts the Spanish story of 'The Girl Fish'. A maiden gets cursed into becoming a fish because of her vanity, but she redeems herself by helping the merfolk win back their rightful crown and has a happy ending with a prince. This is a story of wealth, power, love, happiness and prosperity. You will receive higher spiritual awareness and grow a lot as a person. You have reached your goals and can now revel in the contentment of your family, friends and the profound effects of love. Happiness now dominates over you and brings you a sense of wholeness. This is the time to share these good feelings with others and embrace all the positive energy that encompasses you.


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