March 08, 2012

Woman's Day with my Tarot girlfriends

I wish all you lovely women out there a very very Happy Women's Day! So, today is a day dedicated to us mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, grandmas and granddaughters. What makes women so special and unique? There are umpteen jokes and stereotypes about us : we cannot drive, we nag, we criticize, we are obsessive, we go crazy in malls and spend hours shopping. But who are we really? Today, I thought about an exercise we can do to answer this question. Who best to ask than our best friends in the Tarot, our gal pals! Let me introduce to you my best friends who I know best and who know me best. What can they teach me and what can I learn from them? What makes me a woman? How can I be a woman of substance? The main question I ask myself is that what can I learn from each of these cards. As we know, each card in the Major Arcana is formed from an archetype which is thousands of years old. So we have important lessons to learn from these ladies as they are truly wise.

So let me introduce you to my lovely besties :-

1) The High Priestess

What can we learn from her? She is a mysterious lady, and is every man's dream. She teaches us to listen to our intuition and follow our instincts. She is the subconscious mind, the part of us that 'knows' whats going to happen. She is our gut feeling and the butterflies in our stomach. We need to embrace her quiet confidence and wisdom in our lives. With a book in one hand, and a crystal ball in the other, in this Robin Wood deck she is a wonderful source of inner wisdom of the past, present and the future.

2) The Empress

She is the hot mamma! She's pregnant and is the archetypal mother of the cards. She teaches us to be caring, nurturing and patient. She is patiently waiting for her fruits of her labor and whilst doing so she sits all by herself enjoying the natural forests, birds and bees. She teaches us to appreciate Mother Nature. An important part of a woman is to be a nurturer and a mother, if even not to a child, to any one, a friend, a husband or even a pet.

3) The Queen of Cups

Since she belongs to the Cups suit, she represents the water element. She is full of sensitivity, emotion and love. She teaches us to love unconditionally and to keep giving irrespective of the consequences. Love for her is eternal and she supports her husband no matter what. She lives in a fairy tale world and is a true blue romantic. We need to learn to be creative, imaginative and child-like like her.

4) The Queen of Swords

Belonging to the Swords suit, she is just like a sword - sharp and dangerous. She can be an intellectual who is sharp and shrewd. She teaches us to be independent and self sufficient. She can make a name for herself, even at the expense of others. She has no sympathy for the weak. She teaches us that a man is not necessary to fulfill your dreams.

5) The Queen of Pentacles

Riding in luxury, she is one queen who is really balanced, and she enjoys her life. She enjoys what she does. She is a home maker and an organizer. She is one of those women who loves to bake pies and make jams and pickles. She is like Goddess Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and home.She loves preparing home cooked meals and her house will always be neat and clean. A house with her is truly a home.

6) The Queen of Wands

She is the career woman. She loves talking, discussing and has an opinion about everything. She is positive and energetic. Her passion to her work and her life is contagious. She is the life of the party. She teaches us to take things lightly, have a sense of humor and to positively follow our goals. She belongs to the Wands suit and represents the fire element. She teaches us to be ambitious, follow our goals and make our dreams a reality.

What wonderful role models we have in our Tarot cards! I'm so proud to be a woman and to know such lovely women! I'm sure there are many more lessons we can learn from the other cards as well, these are just a few! So discover new parts of yourself today on Woman's Day by spending sometime with your dearest friends.....


Check out these women oriented Tarot decks!! There are many more feminist tarot decks available out there with feminine energy, but these are few of my favorite picks.

1) The Housewives Tarot is a fun filled deck, each card will keep you laughing in splits. The women of the 1950's in this deck are so cheeky! Isn't she like Jessica Chaistan's character in The Help?

2) The Goddess Tarot - The tarot cards are dedicated to different goddesses in the world. 

3) Motherpeace Tarot - This deck is dedicated to all the women in the world and it is one of the first feminist decks. It is also a round card deck. A classic. 

4) Vanessa Tarot - This is a deck with modern leanings, for the women of today's generation!

5) Gaian Tarot - This photographic deck is dedicated to Mother Earth, Gaia. This deck was released last year, 2011 and is already the #2 deck on the Top Decks of 2011 in the internet poll. 

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