March 12, 2012

A Spiritual Dream... One to think about

I had a very deep, spiritual dream yesterday...... It gave me goosebumps, because it seemed so very real!!


Earlier part of the dream, I was eating a buffet with my family. There were many courses. There was one of cornflakes and fruits. Then there was puri and mango puree . Then there was an interesting ice cream counter. There were many sizes of cones and many flavors. As I was taking the ice-cream everything vanished and there were some shadows and this voice started talking . It was a bit scary and then a coffin started moving . Then the entire dream there was a commanding voice talking to me and everybody else, like giving a lecture.

It was a huge place and only those who were enlightened and needed to be there were there. To the rest it was shut. A lesson was being taught about a rusty coffin and I don't know the name of the person but there was a lesson going on about him . Tht person wanted tarot and other esoetric knowledge to be preserved in the world because such ppl were being killed. He said I don't care if I die doing this but this information will be spread everywhere not here but in India and china because they are ready. I saw elephants which they said are very old and ancient dated back to something BC which he said you people have gotten the dates all wrong. But to make it easier we ll stick to those dates . I remember the words Knights Templar. . i think he spoke about them in some detail, but i couldnt recall anything later. I saw flashes of few cards in the air. One said BOTA. he said the most important tarot cards are 1,2 and 3. The number 3 card is the card of the tarot and it's you. I started screaming loudly I don't know why. I had long hair and was wearing a robe a long dress like a gown, the dream was black and white.In the dream, I said to myself, " I knew it. Everything is related.. Tarot and my phd". I looked behind and people would sometimes enter looking like students of hogwarts dressed in robes and hats. I felt part of an elite crowd who were ready for the knowledge. I remember the flash words "You are the Tarot" I asked many questions to that voice and got very intelligent answers but I don't remember any of it I'm sure my subconscious does and at tht time I was previlidged to be there and get those answers.

 End of Dream


What Im wondering is why did I scream? Was i afraid of something? or did i realise something? Since the dream was in black and white is this a flashback? Is it a past life dream, where I was a witch and a part of something which i was killed for? I cant stop thinking about this dream.. The number 3 card in the tarot is the empress. He said the most imp cards are 1,2, and 3 - the magician, high priestess and empress.. well, ok.. i guess this needs some deep study. 

After googling I figured that the person in the dream could be Paul Foster Case. There were two creepy things. One, in the dream I saw a huge piano and it was playing in the entire dream. On wikipedia it shows that this guy used to play piano since he was 5 yrs old and he played a church organ. Come to think of it, the sound was more like an organ, than a piano!! Another thing, wiki says that he used to have lucid dreams. And he came in my dreams.. OMG!


I asked the Tarot ,''Whats the message of this dream?''


I think the Knights Templar could be represented by the Knight of Swords, they were knights with Swords and had intellect and wisdom.  

Also 7 of Wands shows a person fighting for the truth and everyone else against them. The Fool shows someone going ahead with things on their own like on a journey. I think this dream is encouraging me to start my own journey.

Why did I scream in the dream?


I see alot of swords in general, showing some sort of a fight, betrayal defeat and some injustice. 3 of swords shows betrayal. 6 of cups is a card of nostalgia, remembering the past, so i think a part of me really rememberd my past life and the memories of that made me remember what happened and so i screamed. I cant forget how i looked. I knew it was me, but i looked so different. 

BTW I came across this book by Paul Foster Case called 'A Study of the Introduction of the Tarot,' as i thought i should read it, and in it the Swords element signifies the 'astral body'. And there have been quite a lot of Swords in this tarot reading.


I need to study deeper about Tarot and other esoteric sciences like BOTA, Knights templar, etc. I'm happy that I have got clarity and direction in my life.. I feel like the Fool, on a new journey into the unknown................

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