March 29, 2012

Card of the Day - March 29, 2012

Taking a break from the Toltec Wisdom deck, I decided to check out my Shadowscapes Tarot deck again for a few days before starting to explore my new Revelations Tarot cards in the month of April. So, today's card is very apt for yes, April Fool's Day and it is our very own 'The Fool' card. Only thing is that in this deck, we have a female fool, and she looks like no fool at all, but a beautiful mermaid-like woman ready to take on a new journey. Today, think about what chances did you take, and what you let go. What risks did you take which were worth it? And what were silly, hasty decisions? When should we be a Fool? At the stages of new beginnings, when our gut feeling tells us to 'go for it' we must always listen to our inner fool. In this card, a long with the pretty girl, the birds, bees and animals are all with her, urging her to take a leap of faith and follow her dreams. Today, you too do the same. Take a leap off your pedestral, and look at things from above, from where things look like fun. 

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