December 06, 2011

Take a Chill Pill!

How do you deal with a situation when you are expected to do something but you physically can't? It seems really bad and you might even feel guilty not performing your duties, specially when you are under tremendous pressure from all sides. What should one do at a time like this? There is no point in feeling guilty and pressurized. If you are obliged to go to a best friend's birthday but you are busy at work, if a person wants an urgent tarot reading but you are tied up, or if you need to study for an exam but you are down with the flu. Sometimes we forget that there is another force among us that governs things. Things usually happen for the best. So if you are unable to make a commitment, just take a chill pill. Do not stress yourself.. because it is NOT your fault. Things are not under your control. You cannot plan your life like a cut-out and expect it to plan out that way. What makes life interesting are its uncertainties and unexpected occurences. You could miss a flight because of traffic or fall sick on your honeymoon. No matter what happens, always count your blessings, they will definitely be much more than your difficulties. Be thankful and appreciate whatever is going right, instead of focusing on what all is wrong in your life. By being grateful, we are inviting greater things into our life. Ignore the mistakes, and focus on the rewards. Sooner or later, everything works out for the best. Many times I am unable to do a tarot reading because of personal reasons like weddings or birthdays or lack of sleep or just not being in 'the mood'. Earlier I used to worry myself crazy, that I wasn't helping someone out. But only if I'm up and above will I be able to give a good and accurate reading which will satisfy me and my client. Do not play the blame game. Stop stressing yourself out due to circumstances which are beyond your control. Go with the flow of life. Let things be unplanned. Do not chalk out your every single move.

The most important mantra in life : Relax and take a Chill Pill

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