December 29, 2011

Card of the Day - Dec 29, 2011

The Angel
The Christmas Tarot

In this deck, instead of the Devil card, there is the Angel card though Corrine says in her published deck she will also include a Devil card. So, keeping with the theme of Christmas, this is a wonderful card to come by. Angels are our guardians and they are there for us specially during this time of the year, when it is cold. There are two children in this card who would be lost if not for the Angel guiding them on their way. The Angel is beautiful with a golden star on her head and white billowing sleeves showing her purity. It seems very cold outside and the children are protected with gloves, hats, sweaters and of course the Angel. If the two children are able to avoid temptations and live a righteous life, they will always have the Angel guiding them. 

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