December 13, 2011

Card of the Day - Dec 13, 2011

Stress (7 of Wands)
Osho Zen Tarot

Today's Card of the Day is 'Stress'. It shows a man who is furiously blowing a trumpet while balancing on a balloon which is being pricked by a pet monkey. He seems to be highly stressed and is also juggling seven burning candles in the middle of this all. The message of this card is simple. Do not let anything stress you out. You need to take a break. If you feel that how much ever you do, nothing is working out, then it is best to leave things for the day and tackle it some other time with a cooler mind.Do not stress out and harm your health for things which will not matter in the long run. The man in the card is doing so much, that his eyes are shut and he cannot see the money about to burst his bubble. We need to work smartly, not hard. Do not waste your energy if it is not required. Ask yourself if the task is worth your time and energy. Only then take up any stressful tasks.

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