February 16, 2012

Oscar Predictions with the Tarot

It's that time of the year again, when it is the Oscars, the most awaited and glamorous event of the year! Starting from the nominations and the controversies to the red carpet glittering with the best of the best celebrities, every moment connected with this prestigious occasion grabs eyeballs. And the biggest question of all...? Who will win the Oscars this time? Who deserves it and who is the underdog? This time I thought of intermingling Tarot with the Oscars to see which cards come up for which film. This year there are 9 films nominated for the Best Film category. I will be picking a card each for each film to see the chances they have to win! The films nominated this year are so different from each other. One is a film about sports, while one is about the domestic help in the 50's. One is a philosophical film about life, while one is a fantasy film about Paris. What are the chances these films have? And who will the emerge victorious? The underdog or the favourite? All we can go right now is guess and predict. Watch the Oscars on Feb 26, 2012 to find out!!!

The Artist
Queen of Pentacles

The Artist is a wonderful film and the Queen of Pentacles says that it is a well-loved film full of creativity and passion. People hope that it will win. It has good chances of winning. This movie is the perfect package, it has everything- emotions, story and direction and good acting.

Chances of winning: 8/10

The Descendants
The World

This is the best card of the pack, so I would say that according to the Tarot, this film looks like the winner. The Oscars are looked upon as the best awards function in the world and is watched by the whole world as well. So, this film is likely to rule the world and the awards. Along with the Best film, it is likely to get many other awards as well. It is my pick to win in the Best Film category.

Chances of winning: 10/10

Extremely loud and Incredibly close
Page of Swords

It is unlikely that this film will win many awards. It is a film with a good message and is liked by the younger crowd. Also the director is relatively new and inexperienced. Also, the film is not a favourite to win against other stiff competition. And is not liked by critics.

Chances of winning: 4/10

The Help

This film is about a revolution and an awakening which took place in the 50's against the African Help. Like the story of this film, the card which was picked, is the Judgement card, a card of renewal and awakening. This movie has the ability to affect you from within, with its powerful story line. It has good chances of winning awards this year and is likely to win at least one major award.

Chances of winning: 7/10

King of Cups

This movie was made with a lot of love and heart. It is a very emotional and touching tale. The movie has heart but maybe thats not all the Academy is looking for. It lacks that winning quality, though it is a great film. It is a must watch film which will transform you. Only a stone-hearted person will be unaffected by this film.

Chances of winning: 5/10

Midnight in Paris
4 of Swords

This movie belongs to a class of its own. It cannot be compared to the other films as it is so different and unique. It is a fantasy tale about romance and freedom of expression. Th makers aren't worried about winning any Oscars as they are happy with the outcome of the film and the way it has turned out. The makers did not make the film to win Oscars, it is more of a personal journey for the director, Woody Allen. He has won many awards in his life and has made this special film for himself.

Chances of winning: 5/10

The High Priestess

This is a good card for this movie. Though it is not likely to win the Best Film award, it will win awards for other categories, and emerge a winner. The film will perhaps receive awards for its story and dialogues.

Chances of winning: 7/10

The Tree of Life
The Lovers

This is the second movie nominated for the Best film starring Brad Pitt in the main role. The movie is about love and philosophy. It is about the choices we make in life,and about family and our loved ones. The movie is wonderful, but perhaps not  Best film-worthy but will be appreciated for the cinematography and the beauty it portrays on the screen.

Chances of winning: 6/10

War Horse
3 of Cups

This is a fun film full of adventure and passion. This is the celebration card. The makers of the film will definitely have something to celebrate about! This looks like a great contender to sweep the awards, and an underdog to win some important awards.

Chances of winning: 8/10

I wish all the nominees the Best of luck! And hope you enjoy watching the Oscars no matter where you are in the world. I will be watching the Oscars from India, and you?

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