February 18, 2012

Card of the Day - Feb 18, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the Shadowscapes Tarot is the Eight of Swords.This is the third consecutive day where we have a Swords card. Earlier, on Feb 16th we had the Five of Swords and on Feb 17th we had the Three of Swords. So being in a Swords state of mind means that we are looking at this practically, analytically and also intellectually these days. We are not able to remove time for our personal life and it is difficult to arrange for meetings and make it for social gatherings. Today's card particularly, the Eight of Swordsshows a beautiful white swan trapped among swords. She feels that she has no hope, and no place to go. Do not worry. Your worries are just, well, worries. In truth, things are not as bad as you think them to be. The task at hand is not that tough, and the road to success is not that difficult. You are being too critical and too hard on yourself. Look above you, at the humming bird. She is so tiny, but is so positive in her outlook. She feels free and happy even though she is smaller than you. Look at life like a game, not like a challenge which will burden you.


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