April 29, 2021

Deck of the Month: Robin Wood Tarot


Deck of the Month: Robin Wood Tarot 

One of the oldest decks I own, the Robin Wood Tarot deck is one of my most used decks. It’s colours are vibrant and imagery is crystal clear. It is similar to the Rider Waite Tarot, but it is so much easier to learn from this deck, specially for a beginner. It is colourful, friendly with identifiable characters. The Robin Wood Tarot, was created by Robin Wood in 2002. She recently passed away on April 19, 2021 so in her honour, I will be removing the daily card of the day pulls for the month of May from this popular and loved deck. 🔮 🌟 💎 🦋

Besides this wonderful deck, I also own a wonderful book which is available separately, The Robin Wood companion book. It is a detailed book with wonderful spreads, explanations of each card and many more pearls of tarot wisdom. 

If you do not possess any of these or they are unavailable, you can always purchase the Robin wood tarot app on the App Store. It is a lovely on-the-go Tarot app, which I use often when travelling and don’t have a tarot deck with me. 

RIP Robin Wood. Your wisdom and knowledge will be passed down through generations to come. You redefined tarot, making it more modern and accessible to suit the 21st century.

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