April 01, 2021

Deck of the month: Lightseer’s Tarot


I just purchased this beautiful deck which is a blend of the ancient and the modern. Where there are old and ancient scriptures written on some of the cards, there are modern women in mini skirts and trendy heart hands with trending hair dos. 

The clothes these people wear are some thing which we would wear in this day and age. There are relatable characters, the knights not wearing armors as they do not in real life, we have a romantic knight of cups holding red roses and some of the other knights are women as well. Many traditionally male cards are female such as the Fool and the Magician. 

The backs are black and  have a teal design matching the beautiful and sturdy teal coloured box. The cards are fairly thick and the pile as a whole is quite chunky, almost double the size of a regular tarot deck, but it has the standard thickness of Hayhouse’s regular oracle and Angel card decks, so it feels similar. 

It has a serene and 21st century new age vibe to it, with a spiritual, pagan and shamanic feel to it. It could be a wonderful beginner’s deck as well with no scary cards. The Devil, Tower and Ten of Swords are surprisingly tame, with no original Rider Waite symbolism of devilish creatures or swords. The swords have been drawn as raven birds, given it is the element of air. 

For the month of April, I  will be doing daily draws with this deck, The Lightseers Tarot deck. 

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