July 31, 2012

Tarot Blog Hop Master List for Aug 1 Lammas 2012

This is the list of bloggers who have blogged about 'Pentacles: Fruits of Havest', our topic for the Lammas Blog Hop. Please check out these links as there is a lot of hard work put into these blogs, and the variety and the points of view of these bloggers are so varied. We have bloggers from London, Austin, Mumbai, Singapore, Canberra and from all over the world. This variety of cultures is a speciality of the Blog Hop. This Master list has been prepared to refer to, if ever you get stuck in the middle of the hop.

1 Sandie Worthy http://wp.me/pIIBV-kg
20 Claire-Marie Le Normand http://beautyhistorymagic.com/2012/08/01/tarot-blog-hop-three-of-pentacles.aspx

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