May 11, 2012

Card of the Day - May 11, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the 'Oracle of Visions' deck is Card no. 9. This card shows a man wearing a jester's costumebalancing a young girl who is inside a hoop. Below him are two roses, and there is also a candlestand with three lit candles. In the background are Ciro Marchetti's cards, very interestingly the 'Strength' card from his three tarot decks- Tarot of Dreams, Gilded Tarot and Legacy of the Divine Tarot. What the man is doing is displaying his physical strength(we can see his muscles) but also grace, delicacy and performing an art. Being strong is an art. Today you will have to be strong, may be not physically strong, but mentally strong like the jester and the young girl. Keep your flame alive and like the Strength cards, learn to tame the beasts around you with your gentleness and feminine qualities. 

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