April 01, 2012

Revelations Tarot - An Exploration of Reversals

It's the beginning of a new month and this month I will be exploring my new deck, the Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong. I have been intrigued by Reversals, but always thought them to be unnecessary in a way. If the cards were meant to be read reversed, there would be differences in the pictures, and some more detailed explanations as to why and how. The Revelations Tarot was created just for this reason - to bring sense into Reversals, and to make Reversal learning easy for skeptics like me. These cards are 'meant' to be read in Reversal. Whether after this month, I start reading Reversals or not in my daily practice, I don't know, but I'm surely going to learn a lot. What is special about these cards, is that Wong has created separate images for the Reversed versions of the cards! So, in total, we have 78 x 2 = 156 different images.
By the way, I love the back side of these cards, they're a lovely purple with an abstract design, where you can't make out if the card is reversed or straight up.
(The short form for Reversals/Reversed cards is Rx which will be used frequently)

Let's proceed to today's Card of the Day using the Revelations Tarot deck which is the Two of Pentacles.

Today, is a day of balance and handling money matters. This makes sense, as in India we have the Banks Closing Day, which was yesterday, so I'm sure many bankers and chartered accountants are deeply busy in handling financial matters. You will be busy today, juggling many commitments. This is also true in my case, as I have 'two' tarot appointments, and also have another commitment in the evening where I have to juggle off to! But as the card says, you will be able to handle things very well, and have a successful conclusion to events.

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