June 05, 2012

Card of the Day - June 5, 2012

Today's Card of the Day from the Morgan Greer Tarot is the 9 of Cups. The card shows a plump man, sitting comfortably with nine cups displayed in the background. Today, is a day of luxury and relaxation. You could treat yourself to something luxurious and pamper yourself. You could go for a body massage, a facial, a pedicure or to a relaxing spa. You may also be feeling a bit proud and vain today, where you feel that you are always right. There could be some ego clashes today, as everyone is in a lazy mood today. Relax, and don't stress out today. Give yourself a break and do something good for yourself. This card also indicates eating and drinking merrily, so you could have some friends over, or a get together, or even ordering a pizza or a chocolate cake for you to indulge.

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