May 01, 2012

Oracle of Visions COTD - May 1, 2012

Let me begin this month of May, with Ciro Marchetti's special oracle, the Oracle of Visions. This entire month, I will remove my card of the day from this unique deck, which has pictures of jugglers, masked men and supernatural elements. Today's COTD is the No. 48 card. I see a woman who has special gifts, and is blessed. She opens an antique jar, and out emerge glowing fairies. Today's message is - You are gifted. You are special and unique. Do not doubt yourself. Do not hide your gifts behind a veil. She wears a veil covering her head and on the sides, but not her face. She is starting to open up to herself and her soul. KNOW that you are special in your heart, and are always blessed with angels and fairies by your side. 

1 comment:

  1. Lovely card, and what a beautiful message! Thank you :)


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