June 02, 2011

Card Combo of the Month - June, 2011

Beginning of every month, I will be doing a 3 card spread asking a general question. Today, I will be using the Archangel Michael Oracle cards and asking the question:

 Why do good people suffer?

The cards I pulled out are:

You and your loved ones are safe
Be Gentle with Yourself

Even if good people suffer, they will always be safe because God always watches over them. He makes them feel secure and protected. Even if things go wrong, always keep the faith and focus on your priorities in life. Good people are full of innocence and are pure having qualities of love and light within them. They will always be protected because of their innocence as it is God-given. They will always be at peace. It is very important to be gentle with yourself. Do not get frustrated when things do not go your way. Nurture yourself with gentle love. Know that you deserve to be compassionate with yourself. Do not feel guilty because its not your fault. Release anger, guilt and frustration. Have faith in God and keep loving yourself and others. Do not give up!

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