March 13, 2014

Lessons from the Fool

The Fool is a very important card in the Tarot. It is the first card of the deck and though it seems like an inexperienced guy is just going backpacking, it teaches us a lot.

Traveling changes a person.. When you go on a trip all by yourself, the experiences and adventures you come across could never replace any bookish knowledge sitting in a classroom. Even the misadventures like the loss of a bag or stealing of your money just makes you more responsible and confident. After a trip around the world, once a person returns he is no longer the same. He has moved a few notches higher in his ladder of experiences. This is the journey of the Fool. 

So, this Fool teaches us many lessons and we can learn a lot from him. 

1. Be bold. Don't be afraid to travel alone. As long as you have your senses and gut instincts you'll be fine. 

2. Ignorance is bliss. He is carefree and couldn't care less. He doesn't care about what the world thinks like the Hierophant or if he is in balance like the Temperance or if his wishes will be fulfilled like the Star. He just knows.......that he needs to go on this journey and SOMETHING will happen which wouldn't happen if he was sitting at home twiddling his thumbs. Just go. Take a risk. Move ahead. And the Universe will take care of you. 

3. Be childlike. Be innocent and be foolish. The closer you are to being a child, the closer you are to god. Make mistakes as that's the only way to grow. 

Today remove a Fool card from a deck of your choice and just look at him: carefree, a wanderer just waiting for something to happen. He's the Hero of the story waiting to happen. 


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