October 04, 2012

Crystal of the Week- Azeztulite

This is a very rare and light bearing crystal and is a rare form of quartz. It is a stone for the New Age. It has an extremely positive vibration and has a high frequency. It aids in spiritual evolution. This crystal expands your consciousness. If you are ready, it can lift your awareness and vibrations to a higher level. It never requires cleansing and is always energized. This crystal should be handled with care if you are not used to working with spiritual realms or higher frequencies. The vibrational shifts can be so powerful and can have unpleasant side effects. One should first use crystals like Ametrine and Aquamarine first. Old patterns are dissolved with this crystal and deep emotional cleansing takes place. The opaque form has lesser vibration compared to the transparent crystal form. It facilitates meditation and induces a state of 'no mind'. It stimulates the kundalini to rise up the spine. It opens the third eye, crown and higher crown chakras. It can help you see the future. Its spiritual properties can be compared to that of the Sun, dissolving patterns of negativity, bringing higher levels of spirituality and enlightenment.

It is called 'The Stone of the Nameless Light' and is available only in North Carolina and Vermont in the USA

This crystal is so powerful that it can help treat cancer, cellular disorders and inflammation. It restores the will. Most of its healing work is at the spiritual level, it works with the chakras and facilitates a vibrational shift.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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