September 03, 2011

Card of the Day - September 3, 2011

Ascended Masters Oracle Cards
Yoga - Babaji

The card which has come up today is Yoga and the ascended master is Babaji. The card definitely tells us to do yoga. It is what we need right now and that is why it has come in today's reading. Babaji is a beloved yogi who is called the 'deathless avatar.' Many believe that he ascended with his physical body and many people have claimed to see his solid, living body. He encouraged Parmahansa Yogananda to teach yoga to the Western world as a way of spreading enlightenment.

 Practice breathing exercises and take full inhalations and exhalations. Teach yoga or invite others to participate with you. Watch a yoga video or go for a yoga class today. Balaji and the other masters are guiding you to do yoga. It will answer your questions and open your mind to see the truth. You will gain clarity, energy, flexibility and psychic awareness. Yoga is an ancient tradition among spiritual practitioners because of its many benefits. Do not delay. Do some yoga today. 

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